Telephone Banking User Guide

  1. Call 706-743-BANK (2265) locally or dial 1-877-TCB-0411 to access Telephone Banking toll-free. (For Login help, call 706-743-7821)
  2. Select what type of information you are seeking via Telephone banking.
    Press 1 for Account Information and Funds Transfer
    Press 2 for Bank hours and locations
    Press 3 for Telephone Banking help
  3. Choose the type of account on which you are inquiring.
    Press 1 to log in with your Checking/Savings account
    Press 2 to log in with your Loan account
    Press 3 to log in with your CD/IRA account
  4. Enter the account number (Login ID) followed by the # symbol.
  5. Enter your security code for this account followed by the * symbol (Default codes will be the last four digits of the primary account holders SSN.  This code must be changed from the default to four digits of your choice the first time you sign-on.)
  6. Choose the action you wish to take on the selected account.
    Press 1 to Inquire on Accounts (See step 7)
    Press 2 to Transfer funds  (See step 8)
    Press 3 to Change your security code
    Press 8 to Return to the Previous Menu
    Press 9 to Repeat this menu\
  7. Inquiring on Accounts
    Select the specific account for which you need information, system will list all available accounts.

    “Number of memo-posted transaction for the selected account”
    Press 1 for list of Memo-posted transaction
    Press 2 to continue to Other inquiries

    “Available balance (live) for the selected account”
    Press 1 for Balance Information
    Press 2 for recent Withdrawal Transactions
    Press 3 for Most Recent Deposits
    Press 4 for Most Recent ATM Transactions
    Press 5 for Information on a specific transaction
    Press 6 for Interest information
    Press 8 to Return to the previous menu
    Press 9 to Repeat this menu
  8. Funds Transfer Management
    Select the account you wish to Transfer funds out of. (List of accounts to choose from will be given)
    Select the account you wish to Transfer funds into.  (List of accounts will be given)
    Enter the amount to Transfer in dollars and cents (example: Press 1-0-0-0 to represent $10.00)
    Review the Transfer details
    Press 1 if details are correct and you wish to proceed with Transfer
    Press 2 if details are incorrect and you wish to make changes